Musicianship Matters! Five identifiers of a skilled worship musician.

From the first note to the last, what is played musically in church matters. Music is one of the historically prominent and powerful vehicles for our Christian worship–today as well as in the past. Whether the worship is expressed on a Fender strat or sung by a choir in full robes the music matters. Like the beams of a building need competent engineering, the execution of our music leadership requires skill. You can compensate all you want with automated loops, tracks and auto-tuning but in the end polished bronze is still bronze. Gold is the real thing. Just because something is shiny does not make it valuable or worthy in the long run. Is what we are offering as valuable as we think it is? Good musicianship and the several components that it contains matter.

Rockstar Monk – The role of the worship leader?

At least two extremes exists when describing the role of the worship leader. Today, we ask for rockstar-monks to lead us in worship. I have heard an influential leader say repeatedly at conferences, “Your role is more important than mine as the preacher.” Really? This made me feel important at the moment, but reality says something else. As a worship leader we prepare people to hear the word, lead them in prayers, but how is that more important than leading and forming a congregation spiritually through preaching? As a worship leader, my role is surely significant as I serve the whole congregation and have a part in the spiritual formation, but not a superior part. I am simply just a part. And, to put that on me or any worship leader is to raise this role to monk status. 

RKBLOG.COM “2014 Editor’s Pick” by Worship Leader Magazine

My blog, Rich Kirkpatrick’s Blog ( has been honored as an Editor’s Pick for 2014 in Worship Leader Magazine this month. This recognition is among other worthy bloggers in the online worship community, as well. Here is the full quote from Worship Leader Magazine this month:

Since 2005, Rich Kirkpatrick’s blog has consistently been ranked among the top 50 Christian blogs, that and the fact that he is specifically writing from a worship perspective makes the RK blog a must bookmark. He’s also a beloved faculty at NWLC (so you can tap into his wisdom both online and in person). – Worship Leader Magazine

Top Five Reasons 2013 will be tougher for Worship Leaders

Doomsayer or realist, you can decide. But, this year will continue a negative trend for worship leaders set in place by a variety of cultural, economic, and other changes in the Church in America. Basically, the outlook is not good when seen through anecdotal and insider data. I talk to many worship leaders on a regular basis and the stories are heart breaking. I also talk to lead pastors and am disappointed about how decisions are currently being made across our country. This year will be a tough one if you are a worship leader.