5 Sins of Social Media Users – How to grow a flimsy, fake following!

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are now not only personal expressions but company branding machines. With the proliferation of this new media, I have identified five sins that create weak impact—unless you are into rewarding stupidly bad behavior. And, they drive me crazy! The dark side of social media might hurt you more than help. Many companies see added stats to follower lists, but do they know that their supposed social media manager is cheating a system instead of engaging people? 

Utility versus Beauty: When the bottom line invades our worship

In our society, what works and produces profit is what we value. While we hunger for a post-modern identity and story, the structures, all around us scream utility, conformity and results. Money rules. This might even be true in our houses of worship as we may have unintentionally turned business metrics on our expression of worship. The question is this: do we value utility more than beauty in our worship? The answer is that our culture-infused church in modern America apparently does.

How We Worship Matters: Physical space can kill your worship

I will be periodically posting a series of essays this year: “How We Worship Matters: Essays on the Worship Battles We Should Fight.”

As human beings, we live in the physical world. Our spirituality is connected to this and there is nothing like the Incarnation to give us a picture of how this mystery exists. Jesus is fully God and fully human. What did Jesus display to us? Spirituality is housed in people, not in stone temples or in only one physical spot. 

The arrival of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost only amplified this by entering the life of every believer on the planet. We can now pray in concert with people all over the world because of our connection with the Holy Spirit. Our worship is empowered, no matter at a mountain campground, warehouse turned house of worship, or country chapel.

10 Laws of Social Networking Etiquette: Save yourself some pain!

I know in the title it says this will save you some pain. To be honest, I am in pain. Often, I read status updates or tweets that cause hives or indigestion. Those of us who are Christian’s at times tend to spiritualize banal activity online. How can some of us be so naive to use our social media immaturely, expressing our thoughts like ill-timed flatulence? I cannot answer that, but hope these ten guidelines save pain–for all of our sakes!

Church Communications and the Streisand Effect

If you are not familiar with the term “Streisand Effect” and you work in leadership where you certainly deal with church communications you are missing a very important phenomena in our culture today. Barbara Streisand in 2003 sued a photographer in order to ban her coastline home from public exposition on a website about soil erosion. As the story goes, only six downloads of the photo existed, with two downloads of the photo logged by the plaintiff attorney regarding the case in question. Due to the notion of a impending banned photo, the public downloaded the photo 420,000 times within the next month.