5 Sins of Social Media Users – How to grow a flimsy, fake following!

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are now not only personal expressions but company branding machines. With the proliferation of this new media, I have identified five sins that create weak impact—unless you are into rewarding stupidly bad behavior. And, they drive me crazy! The dark side of social media might hurt you more than help. Many companies see added stats to follower lists, but do they know that their supposed social media manager is cheating a system instead of engaging people? 

5 Lessons on how influential blogging actually works

There is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and many techniques to draw people to click to our blogs. But, how do you have a conversation that actually influences and reaches the right people? It is one thing to attract traffic to your blog or social media. You can get people’s attention once. However, that could do more harm than not if your desire is to actually influence thinking. Is your message worth a discussion or simply a click?

FEAR: Media’s Motivator, Our Trap

Old stories such as “Hansel and Gretel”  and “Little Red Riding Hood” were meant to put fear into children. Lessons such as Aesop’s “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” were likely to prevent a child from basically ringing the fire alarm for fun. Fear is a motivator. It works. Fear of losing your job can be leveraged to keep you and your coworkers from offering legitimate grievances and used in turn to add hours and workload without additional compensation. From TV news to Facebook posts about the ending of the world, fear sells and gets our attention. Our fight or flight chemistry is amped to the max. It’s a science and it works.

RKBLOG.COM “2014 Editor’s Pick” by Worship Leader Magazine

My blog, Rich Kirkpatrick’s Blog (RKBLOG.com) has been honored as an Editor’s Pick for 2014 in Worship Leader Magazine this month. This recognition is among other worthy bloggers in the online worship community, as well. Here is the full quote from Worship Leader Magazine this month:

Since 2005, Rich Kirkpatrick’s blog has consistently been ranked among the top 50 Christian blogs, that and the fact that he is specifically writing from a worship perspective makes the RK blog a must bookmark. He’s also a beloved faculty at NWLC (so you can tap into his wisdom both online and in person). – Worship Leader Magazine

10 Laws of Social Networking Etiquette: Save yourself some pain!

I know in the title it says this will save you some pain. To be honest, I am in pain. Often, I read status updates or tweets that cause hives or indigestion. Those of us who are Christian’s at times tend to spiritualize banal activity online. How can some of us be so naive to use our social media immaturely, expressing our thoughts like ill-timed flatulence? I cannot answer that, but hope these ten guidelines save pain–for all of our sakes!