RKBLOG among Worship Leader Magazine 2015 ‘Best of Best” Blogs!

For a third time, RKBLOG has been recognized by Worship Leader Magazine editors as a distinguished resource for leaders who are involved with worship ministry and leadership in the local church. The November/December “BEST OF 2015” issue recognizes a whole slate of resources including technology for churches, books on leadership, and school programs focused on worship.

It is also quite an honor to be part of the National Worship Leaders Conferences over the past years as an instructor. There are excellent people out there in the blogging world that are also recognized and many more who were not mentioned. What makes this important is the relationship with my friends and fellow creatives who read RKBLOG. Thank you for the years of contribution and meaningful conversation. We have much work still to do in inspiring people to CREATE – BELIEVE – LEAD! 

10 Years of Blogging! 2005 to 2015

Back in September of 2005 I officially launched myself as a blogger. They were called “weblogs” in the early millennial days which is why my Twitter handle is still @rkweblog. Ten years of conversations and life later I am now RKblog.com with media recognition as one of the top 75 Religion Bloggers in the nation, listed amongst some very impressive individuals of faith.

My wife has taught me the value of birthdays and celebration and for that I am grateful to her! I may even bake a cake tonight, but what I would love is just a simple “hello” to let me know you’ve stopped by. After all, this blog is nothing without the thousands of readers over the years who have endured my progress as a writer and human being.

5 Lessons on how influential blogging actually works

There is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and many techniques to draw people to click to our blogs. But, how do you have a conversation that actually influences and reaches the right people? It is one thing to attract traffic to your blog or social media. You can get people’s attention once. However, that could do more harm than not if your desire is to actually influence thinking. Is your message worth a discussion or simply a click?

FEAR: Media’s Motivator, Our Trap

Old stories such as “Hansel and Gretel”  and “Little Red Riding Hood” were meant to put fear into children. Lessons such as Aesop’s “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” were likely to prevent a child from basically ringing the fire alarm for fun. Fear is a motivator. It works. Fear of losing your job can be leveraged to keep you and your coworkers from offering legitimate grievances and used in turn to add hours and workload without additional compensation. From TV news to Facebook posts about the ending of the world, fear sells and gets our attention. Our fight or flight chemistry is amped to the max. It’s a science and it works.

RKBLOG.COM “2014 Editor’s Pick” by Worship Leader Magazine

My blog, Rich Kirkpatrick’s Blog (RKBLOG.com) has been honored as an Editor’s Pick for 2014 in Worship Leader Magazine this month. This recognition is among other worthy bloggers in the online worship community, as well. Here is the full quote from Worship Leader Magazine this month:

Since 2005, Rich Kirkpatrick’s blog has consistently been ranked among the top 50 Christian blogs, that and the fact that he is specifically writing from a worship perspective makes the RK blog a must bookmark. He’s also a beloved faculty at NWLC (so you can tap into his wisdom both online and in person). – Worship Leader Magazine

TOP 10 BLOG POSTS of 2013 for RKBLOG

Here are the TOP 10 BLOG POSTS of 2013. With 2013 mostly behind us, I thought I would summarize for the many newer readers of this site the most on-site read and most shared items on social networks. Here are the top posts in their order of popularity with a brief description.

NEW LOOK for RKblog.com

I have used a certain open source platform for years and am now shedding what has become “open sores” and quirky coding for a terrifically flexible and design-oriented platform called Squarespace. I love it! If it wasn’t for the domain server issues on my end, it would have been a […]

Happy 7th Blog Anniversary! – RKblog.com

In September of 2005 I launched “Rich Kirkpatrick’s Weblog” under the URL RichKirkpatrick.com. There were fewer of us creative ministry leaders out there back then on the “blogosphere” posting everything from our reading lists to reviews of worship tech. In the picture above, I was using a Mac G4 laptop. […]