RK_hs_2015_webRich is available for speaking or presenting on worship leading, developing volunteers, creative leadership, social media strategy, and other related topics for your organization or conference. Also, Rich provides professional consulting and coaching in creative and worship leadership management and can give you names of past clients upon request. With the unique insights from years of practical experience, Rich has consulted churches of 100 to 6000 members as well as many individuals.

The Pyramid of Execution: Troubleshooting the invisible building blocks that result in what everyone eventually sees. A walk through the harder conversations to ship something great.

The Six Hats of the Worship Leader: What it really takes to build and reproduce a healthy and growing worship team.

The Dream, The Fence, and The Story (Creative Process): Learning and applying the practices and processes of the most innovative and creative people.

Volunteer Development: Factory or a Family – How serving people instead of a machine is not only more human but gets huge results, response, and participation.

 If you have an interest in having Rich speak or present to your group, coach you are another individual or speak to your team or conference, click here.

2017 SPEAKING Engagements


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