Utility versus Beauty: When the bottom line invades our worship

In our society, what works and produces profit is what we value. While we hunger for a post-modern identity and story, the structures, all around us scream utility, conformity and results. Money rules. This might even be true in our houses of worship as we may have unintentionally turned business metrics on our expression of worship. The question is this: do we value utility more than beauty in our worship? The answer is that our culture-infused church in modern America apparently does.

Five Mistakes Creatives MUST Make

As creatives, we learn in the process the “trial and error” but do we actually embrace the error part? Many of us have a perfectionist tendency which loathes not just error, but anything that can be called an error. Foul balls don’t count in baseball, so why do they in […]

Cafe Bravo in Murrieta, CA…yummy

Most of my readers know already that I love good coffee. So, when Cafe Bravo opened in Murrieta I was hopeful for a good experience. They deliver! The rosetta was a nice touch, too. Cafe Bravo is a local boutique roasting company. Their beans are made right here in the […]