Something BIG and NEW: “a beautiful liturgy” Music Project!

At age 13, my daughter Emilie Kirkpatrick began leading worship with me. In the past eight years, she has released two projects of her own songs and is a in skillful worship leading as well as songwriting. These eight year have formed a collaboration. Recently, we formed “a beautiful liturgy” as a music group to write and lead worship! We have already recorded one of the five songs for our 5-song project! But, we need your help and support as independent musicians. On or on this video and link, you can see and hear our story! The site even has a sample of the song we already recorded. Please, give it a watch and let us know what you think!

WOW: Have we lost the WONDER in our Worship?

I thought I would post a song I wrote and recorded a couple years ago. To worship today we have so many choices in where we go to worship as well as the music and vibe we prefer. But, with all of our multi-venue, multi-site, and multi-sensory expressions of worship have we lost as sense of wonder and awe? In our desire to be relevant have we reduced God to goosebumps derived from crafted experiences in haze-filled box-shaped houses of worship? Excitement on the stage might get a reaction. But what are we cooking up?

Song Lyrics: Drink The Divine

I am posting the lyrics of the song that inspired the “DRINK THE DIVINE” EP worship project. Sunday night the funding campaign ends. If I had about a dozen more contributors, I will be able to cross the threshold.  Please consider pledging. Supporting gets you a perk, allows the project […]