Sacramental Breakfast: Memories of breakfast with Dad

Memories flood at times when a scent arises–catching you off guard. Bacon does this for me. The sacramental experience of our dad’s Saturday breakfast event unfolds for me. With five boys eager as chicks in a nest to feed, our dad would make from scratch his waffles or pancakes, mountain-piled plates of bacon, and potatoes. At times, he even made his own recipe of brown-sugar syrup. The bacon-fat haze in the house was a welcome sight after delivering the local San Jose Mercury newspapers earlier that morning.

Happy Thanksgiving: 2014

I wanted to write a simple note and simply say thank you to my family, friends and fellow sojourners. Blogging for over nine years brought me encounters with many of you who might have never met. These have proven to be life-changing. My thinking has been challenged and my soul enriched by meaningful conversations and personal encounters. Imagine a pub where good friends hang out and discuss important ideas. This is how the journey has proven to unfold for me here on

Guest Blog: When Broken Becomes Beautiful

When I looked down at Elias, his newborn body molded to my arm, I couldn’t help but question his life. He wasn’t the story I planned for. He wasn’t what I dreamed of or even wanted. I cried and felt an overwhelming amount of guilt as these thoughts saturated my mind. 

The day I found out my son had Down syndrome, was the day I became a different person. I questioned God. I was angry with God.

Porn Blocking For Your Family: A review of Pandora’s Hope Router

In our family of four there are more than four devices constantly engaged on WiFi at all times. There is an iPad, three smart phones, and four laptops that may be simultaneously logged into our home network and connected to the Internet. A teen friend may visit and bring at least two devices. Protecting my family from pornography content ranks high on the list, so when I had a chance to review a product that might address content filtering for my home I was happy to take it up.

Seven Lessons on how to be an overcomer from Mom – Part 1

2 Corinthians 2:14 (NKJV)

Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.

For my whole life my mother has truly been a spiritual hero to me and our entire family. There are few people like her. It is a supernatural thing to observe that in the context of a life of trial and loss she has ending up with a life that shows grace, mercy, and determination. Diana, my mother,  is an overcomer–her life is a sermon vividly telling a story of Christ’s triumph.

Happy 23rd Anniversary!

Me and my love circa 1989 We met each other in high school as freshmen. I was 14. On June 30, 1989 we were married at Crossroads Bible Church in San Jose, California. I still remember the cake fight in the parking lot with my new father-in-law and singing “My […]