Sacramental Breakfast: Memories of breakfast with Dad

Memories flood at times when a scent arises–catching you off guard. Bacon does this for me. The sacramental experience of our dad’s Saturday breakfast event unfolds for me. With five boys eager as chicks in a nest to feed, our dad would make from scratch his waffles or pancakes, mountain-piled plates of bacon, and potatoes. At times, he even made his own recipe of brown-sugar syrup. The bacon-fat haze in the house was a welcome sight after delivering the local San Jose Mercury newspapers earlier that morning.

Mancard Proof: I’m the main cook at home, and I’m proud of that fact

It takes a real man to cook for his wife a meal she actually enjoys eating. In fact, if you cook for your whole family it is indeed a path to the highest on the “mancard” you could possibly expect to achieve. Bringing the family together is what men should do. Cooking   is part of nurturing others. Why let the lady of house do all the heavy lifting in this area?

The gold-premium level mancard is reserved for the guys who can do more than open up a bag dry pasta, boil, and pour on Prego red sauce. It requires the very technical balance of making a salad with the right balance of sweetness, acid, salt, and crunch. Get your raspberry vinaigrette spot on and you win! My son may not cheer me on this one, but he learns to see what its like to make a woman smile.