Hey ministry leaders, do you really need to build a platform?

As I was assisting the unpacking this new church’s first sound system, the young pastor asked me something I thought strange in the moment. “Rich, by now shouldn’t you have a couple books out by now?” The conversation centered around his view that my ministry career should be at a certain level of achievement given my supposed status. He mentioned his path was to start this new church, and as it grew he would write a book, and then there was the platform that was needed in all of that. At that moment, I was in a big church and yet taking time as a friend to help set up audio gear in his large suburban, three-bay garage. His church had not even held its first public service, but his personal platform and achievement was center of what he wanted to talk about.

Why Being Yourself Doesn’t Always Work: Job Advice for Church Creatives

Because the establishment already has an idea of who they want and if you don’t fit their mold, you’re not getting in.

Because the establishment has leverage, a.k.a. money and platform, and that’s what you need. 

Because the whole idea of just being yourself deludes you into thinking that they value you being yourself as much as you do.

These are the stark realities for you as a creative looking for a church job. I’m using the word job because that’s what it is:  a job. This is not a family business, no matter what they say. You’re too new. 

5 ways to stunt your creativity

If you want to stunt your creativity, limit your innovation, and settle, this list is for you. Far be it for any of us to want to grow in something like creativity.  Never start. Breaking in a blank canvass with that first brush stroke is the first push in momentum, […]