Five Critical Tips for Modern Worship Keyboardists

I get asked a lot about keyboards in modern worship, as I have played in worship teams as well as been a worship leader for many years. So, I thought I’d give away some practices  that have allowed me to succeed in that role. Whether you use a traditional keyboard like a Nord, Korg, or Yamaha or a soft synth from your laptop or iPad, these tips should apply. By the way, I have written a couple other posts specifically on the differences of using these: Modern Worship Keyboards: Laptop vs. Traditional Synth or Modern Worship Keyboards: My setup for loops, clicks, and keys with MainStage.

WOW: Have we lost the WONDER in our Worship?

I thought I would post a song I wrote and recorded a couple years ago. To worship today we have so many choices in where we go to worship as well as the music and vibe we prefer. But, with all of our multi-venue, multi-site, and multi-sensory expressions of worship have we lost as sense of wonder and awe? In our desire to be relevant have we reduced God to goosebumps derived from crafted experiences in haze-filled box-shaped houses of worship? Excitement on the stage might get a reaction. But what are we cooking up?

Missional Music Vol. 1 – 12-song Project Hits Streets Today!

We all hear the word “missional” but how do we live it?  Musicians these days rightfully create art that’s about justice, causes, and bringing resonance to the issues of the day. Take that artistic passion in the context of living out the cause of the sharing Jesus in places none of us could go and share and you end up with Missional Music

2000 downloads supports 6 Nepali church-planting families for 1 year and pays for their intensive training. 100% of the net profits directly funds church planting.

Modern Worship Keyboards: My setup for loops, clicks & keys with MainStage

After affectionally being called “vintage” I have decided to stick with that title as a worship leader and worship keyboardist. But, volunteering on our church worship team requires thinking beyond my vintage roots to support a modern worship band at the keys. Aaron, my worship pastor, is a keyboardist as well. So, when he asked me to consider playing more often I knew he might hear every wrong note and vintage mistake. Of course I felt up to the challenge as he is a nice-but-demanding fellow and I love skillfully leading worship–whether its singing, playing an instrument, or any other means.

Elevation Worship CD Releases Tuesday! – GIVING AWAY 5 COPIES!

Charlotte, North Carolina has a
local church producing a God-sized wake across the country with a
growth to over 9,000 members in less than six years.
People are coming to Christ every week at Elevation Church and to see God’s hand on this church is exciting. Captured in this is their worship team’s musical offering “Nothing is Wasted” that is released today. I have to reveal that I met these guys and fell in love with their enthusiasm for God.