A Random True Story for Holy Week – “Lost and Found”

We take it for granted that God is at work all around us, and even in us. Let me tell you a little story about this. You see, the random, chaotic, and uncertain world we live appears to meet us with coldness most of the time. Life is not fair. That is a fact. There are some who are disadvantaged while others have fortune smiling on them. All the while, it is not their fault for the circumstances they are born into. Indeed, we can also crash and descend with our own efforts as well. But, we can pull ourselves up and even more so we can pull up those around us. In between saving the world and just making it through the day are stories like these.

People NOT like us: Fighting the demon of differences

With hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees flooding Europe, our response as a nation has at best been tepid. We have 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., but many would rather build walls than talk about how humanely to deal with the small children caught in the political crossfire. This week a 14-year-old geeky student brought a homemade clock to school and was arrested for making a “fake bomb”—four policeman surrounded and handcuffed the confused, slightly built young man. He happened to be Muslim and “looked” the part. Why is it that people not like us bring out our dark side? I believe that fear for our safety seems to trump human dignity. But, should it? Would we put Japanese-Americans in concentration camps if we had it to do all over again?

Thanksgiving 2013 – Gratitude grows from my choice to praise

Thanksgiving Day, the time when anxiety levels spike due to clogged freeways, high expectations, and relational overload. And, it is the memory cataloging season to catch up with people you do not often spend enough time with–your immediate and extended families. We can easily get sidetracked with the downsides even while we attempt to be thankful for all the benefits afforded us in this life. When we do this inventory together, it makes us more capable as people to worship. There is power in gratitude. Praise takes effort, but it can change your life. What will we choose this Thanksgiving holiday?

TOP 10 CRAZY Ways to Pray!

We all agree praying is a spiritual discipline. But, who said it can’t be fun or creative. In fact, JOY is a fruit of the Spirit and I’m pretty sure the word “enJOY” is part of that. Praying should not be a fumbling like when a worship leader says “Jesus… just, just…” in low monotoned syllables. We can pray in some surprising ways, I think. Here are 10 CRAZY ways to pray. Be an Internet intercessor and share your ideas, too.

Illumination: a photo reflection

In the cool of December, the nights are longer. We need lights. We live in a world were lighted screens shine on our faces most of the day–computers, smart phones, TVs, and even the blinking lights of the microwave oven. We cannot escape light. But, there is something about decorating […]