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The Six Hats of the Worship Leader

by Rich Kirkpatrick


“This little book packs a wallop delivering invaluable information for every pastor and worship leader.”  – Worship Leader Magazine

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You can wear a hat, share a hat, or give a hat away.

Many church leadership books today seem to focus heavily on the language of the corporate world. Throw a creative worship leader into the mix and vertigo sets in for all involved. Why? Creative leaders simply think differently. If you want to learn how to better explain your worship leadership to those in charge, this book is for you. If your role is leading worship leaders, the language shared in this book aims to help you take your team to their next level.

There are currently 44 reviews on Amazon from readers of  The Six Hats of the Worship Leader with a 4.8-star averageHere is just a taste of what is being said!

Should be required reading in our colleges and seminaries!

Rich has written a very concise, easy read manual that should be required reading for those thinking of or studying to go into creative ministry. So many of these hats get overlooked in our studies. Was a great refresher for me and I’ve been in ministry over 30 years! Thanks, Rich.

– Mike

Go-to Manual For Worship Leaders. So intimately communicated I thought I was being personally coached as I read. This will be required reading for worship leaders I train.

– Daniel

Clarity, insight and wisdom.

Rich knows how to communicate issues, insight, solutions, and strategies for worship leaders and anyone working with worship leaders. What a great tool for everyone involved. The information is solid – AND, the heart and vision are right and spot on. Simple and simply profound. A lot of aha moments for all the players and hat wearers. A must read.

– Debby

Simple, Stellar, and Sorely Needed!

This book brings great insight into the various roles of a worship leader that most people (even worship leaders!) don’t think about. Nearly all ministry roles involve multi-tasking, but Rich breaks this down, gives practical steps, and brings sorely needed challenges for church leadership at large to consider. Highly recommended for all worship leaders and pastors.

– Michael


This book is amazing, poignant, straight forward. Rich has captured and articulated to stuff we all deal with but never really stopped long enough to address it. In designing the roles we can strengthen the ones in need

– Cory

Practical, insightful, and a great read for Worship Leaders

Practical approach to all the different roles a leader must play to engage people in meaningful worship. Insightful on so many levels, encouraging leaders to delegate roles to others, thus equipping them to be better leaders. It’s obvious that Rich has personally worn the many “hats” of a worship leader and understands the importance of engaging others to make all things work. This book outlines the major worship leader roles and encourages leaders to build up others in their ministry so they can be more effective in what they were called to do.

– Sara

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