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Drink The Divine EP

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What are people already saying about Drink The Divine:


I wrote these five songs in the context of being a worship leader and worshiper. What is true religion and how does that come across in what we sing to God? My journey is not complete, but I am learning that much of what I thought was “true” was just a hollow piety, starving my life from the one who is my life. Jesus. I hope you discover with me the sacred place where the help that we need exists. Grace.

– Rich


“Drink The Divine” is well produced and well written.  That is not what impresses me about this particular offering.  You get a real sense and awe and reverence from this music.  This music is lived out in a walk of faith that is not trying to follow trends, but follow Jesus in a real way and express something real.  His honesty shines deeply as I am encouraged to drink deeply of the well where this music sprang forth.  A drink of the divine indeed. – Freeworshipmusic.com

“…I am struck with the depth of the lyric and the emotion, but even more so with Rich’s courage in releasing a project that simply is what it is. The songs range in style and influence, with a thread of the theatrical woven throughout. In a culture where art is measured almost exclusively by its “commercial” viability, this music dares to demand the listener to actually listen…” – Trent Smith, Worship Pastor/Recording Artist

“… It seems this EP was written from the heart of someone discovering more and more the beauty and the depth of loving and being loved by Jesus. I was encouraged by the lyrical truths & heart behind the EP “Drink the Divine”.” – Adam Herod, Worship Pastor/Songwriter/Blogger

“…Through his heartfelt lyrics, Rich boldly asks us all to think harder about serving each other as a our religion, rather than having religion as our religion. Through his extensive musical experience and ability to command the emotion of the instruments he directs, Rich boldly asks us all to feel deeper the love surrounding us…” – Page Lynch, Filmmaker/Recording Artist

“With conviction in his voice, Rich pours out his heart into every melodious line and lyric. As I continue to listen intently to each song, I’m captivated by the mature – yet humble – approach to follow Jesus in faith and action. This EP inspires me to not only continue to nurture my passion for songwriting, but more importantly draw me closer to my Redeemer and King.” – Anson Sexton, Worship Leader/Youth Pastor/Blogger

“What I love about this project is – it feels very honest. It’s not contrived. Beautiful melodies, cool production, solid lyrics and a lot of heart. …this is just great to listen to, it lifts me up. “Grace Found Me” is gorgeous, love the vocal. “Sacred Place” really does take me to a sacred space. I dig the whole project…”Rob Still, Worship Leader/Producer/Blogger

Recording Credits

Released 15 March 2012
All songs by Rich Kirkpatrick © & ℗ 2012 Epic Stache Music (ASCAP), Admin. for CCLI by Tehilla Music. 

Produced by On Being Human 

  Drums – Matt Marquez
Bass – Beau Trembly
Guitar – Greg Lesondak, Greg Johnson and Travis Baker.
Cello – Kyle Kirkpatrick
Piano – Rich Kirkpatrick
Backing Vocals – Rich Kirkpatrick, Greg Johnson, Beau Trembly
Chapel Singers – Landon McDonald, Duane McDonald, Tim Manigault, Tammy Kirkpatrick, Emilie Kirkpatrick

Guest Feature on “Providence” by singer-songwriter Emilie Kirkpatrick

Recorded at Zombies Unlimited Studios, Ontario, CA

Mixed and Mastered by Greg Johnson

Engineers – Beau Trembly and Greg Johnson