All Sons & Daughters cover by Dad & Daughter – “Great Are You Lord”

Intergenerational worship is something we all say we value in the local church. But, it is not easy to display in real life. My daughter, Emilie, has led worship with me since she was about 13. Now, with her college work, songwriting, boyfriend and day job it is quite a treat to co-lead with her whenever I can. Ministry, whether as a paid “church worker” or volunteer lay person is a family business. Or, at least I think it should be. Our faith should be passed on not just in word but in deed. 

All Sons & Daughters song “Great Are You Lord” is now a Dad & Daughter song as you will see on this recording. How are you living out intergenerational ministry?

Church Announcements: Tell a story, invite people into it!

As a church communications director, I have learned over the years that people respond to stories better than information. As a speaker, I know this is true. In fact, the Bible is almost three-fourths narrative. Jesus used stories as his teaching, almost exclusively. Why is it then that we look at announcements as just announcements? My proposition is that announcements are invitations to join in the larger story of God’s work in our church and the world. Are we thinking too small of our announcements in worship?

Alone In The Crowd: A leader’s curse or blessing?

Am I the only one? Sometimes a crowd will be moved magically by a phrase in a speech, a hook in a song, and the vibe in the room which all may work to enraptures the majority. I’m perhaps alone at times. I see other things that might not be quite as flattering.There are several reasons for this, perhaps. When you have been a speaker, a worship leader, and one who produces events on a regular basis, the magic of losing yourself in the crowd wanes. The behind-the-scenes life dodges hazards and dulls the senses. Or, does it? Some of us simply live as observants to a different layer of activity. Leaders see things others may not.