Five Tips for Massively Productive Worship Rehearsals!

Yes, you know you hate to love these top-five or top-ten lists. One fact I state clearly before I teach leaders and worship leaders is that I have made many mistakes over many years of leading music and worship. The list I below comes from such real-world experience. I know the ideas may not be news to many of you. But, having the basics articulated for both yourself as the leader and your team greatly improves your game. Also, teams need to have unity. Unity must be intentional, not randomly executed. 

Here are five simple tips will massively produce better results if attended and followed. Why am I so sure? Well, did you not read in the above paragraphs about my many mess-ups? My pain is your gain!

Five Critical Tips for Modern Worship Keyboardists

I get asked a lot about keyboards in modern worship, as I have played in worship teams as well as been a worship leader for many years. So, I thought I’d give away some practices  that have allowed me to succeed in that role. Whether you use a traditional keyboard like a Nord, Korg, or Yamaha or a soft synth from your laptop or iPad, these tips should apply. By the way, I have written a couple other posts specifically on the differences of using these: Modern Worship Keyboards: Laptop vs. Traditional Synth or Modern Worship Keyboards: My setup for loops, clicks, and keys with MainStage.

WOW: Have we lost the WONDER in our Worship?

I thought I would post a song I wrote and recorded a couple years ago. To worship today we have so many choices in where we go to worship as well as the music and vibe we prefer. But, with all of our multi-venue, multi-site, and multi-sensory expressions of worship have we lost as sense of wonder and awe? In our desire to be relevant have we reduced God to goosebumps derived from crafted experiences in haze-filled box-shaped houses of worship? Excitement on the stage might get a reaction. But what are we cooking up?