Developing Volunteers: Spiritual Boss vs. Spiritual Casting Director

You have a seminary degree, been given the title “pastor” or “minister” or your the youth or worship director. Spiritually, you are responsible for God’s presence being felt in the room if a worship leader or the word being rightly divided if the preacher. This affords appropriate honor, even pay for some. But, this does not mean you know how to put together a spread sheet, coach people to their potential, or even develop strategic plans. Bible school does not even mention what to do when successful in reaching people or how to get there.

Thanks to my Sunridge Church volunteers

Dear Sunridge Church Worship/Production Volunteer, I am so grateful to you because you look like Jesus to me and our leadership here at Sunridge.  There are 52 weekends plus events that the Worship and Production ministry leads each year.  Your part in this, whether behind the scenes, on the stage […]