Influence versus Popularity: What drives you as a leader?

In ministry leadership at times you must make a clear choice. Will I be influential or will I be popular? When both are possible–which is a rare occasion of fortune–you have a windfall of capital to leverage. However, popularity and the power that comes from it is acquired by the minutia of the direction of the wind, and is as fickle as the latest fad. Influence, on the other hand, is based on time and the reputation that results. To maintain popularity requires a crisis management at every threat. To maintain influence simply means you keep a steady hand.

A new chapter comes with a new role!

I accepted the position as Service Production/Communication Pastor at Centerpoint Church in Murrieta, California. My recent work as a speaker, writer, and worship leader to the big “C” church will continue, but adjunct to my work in the little “C” church. Centerpoint is an exciting group of 2,000 or so […]

WOW: Have we lost the WONDER in our Worship?

I thought I would post a song I wrote and recorded a couple years ago. To worship today we have so many choices in where we go to worship as well as the music and vibe we prefer. But, with all of our multi-venue, multi-site, and multi-sensory expressions of worship have we lost as sense of wonder and awe? In our desire to be relevant have we reduced God to goosebumps derived from crafted experiences in haze-filled box-shaped houses of worship? Excitement on the stage might get a reaction. But what are we cooking up?