TOP 10 CRAZY Ways to Pray!

We all agree praying is a spiritual discipline. But, who said it can’t be fun or creative. In fact, JOY is a fruit of the Spirit and I’m pretty sure the word “enJOY” is part of that. Praying should not be a fumbling like when a worship leader says “Jesus… just, just…” in low monotoned syllables. We can pray in some surprising ways, I think. Here are 10 CRAZY ways to pray. Be an Internet intercessor and share your ideas, too.

Twitter and prayer: Thanks for spreading the word about Randy Miller

I am with the Miller family this weekend and was searching twitter and know that Randy and family are grateful for the support from my fellow tweets: @imagedesigns @kayoodle @mattmahermusic @stonestreet @sambam87 @SpiritCoach @loswhit @RKWeblog @wethechurch @donavanhill @joymark @scbubba @tonysteward @nickhoss @mufan96 @steveb7 @kmueller62 @BillGiovannetti @trevormeier @tehillamusic @theworshipcomm @locustfist @cwdaniels […]