The Myriad BACK ON TOUR!

I love these guys and think you should, too. Go see The Myriad on tour. The story of Randy Miller, their drummer and friend of mine, is amazing. He is battling cancer and finally has a green light to tour Here is an article about them on Hard Music: The […]

Twitter and prayer: Thanks for spreading the word about Randy Miller

I am with the Miller family this weekend and was searching twitter and know that Randy and family are grateful for the support from my fellow tweets: @imagedesigns @kayoodle @mattmahermusic @stonestreet @sambam87 @SpiritCoach @loswhit @RKWeblog @wethechurch @donavanhill @joymark @scbubba @tonysteward @nickhoss @mufan96 @steveb7 @kmueller62 @BillGiovannetti @trevormeier @tehillamusic @theworshipcomm @locustfist @cwdaniels […]