Illumination: a photo reflection

In the cool of December, the nights are longer. We need lights. We live in a world were lighted screens shine on our faces most of the day–computers, smart phones, TVs, and even the blinking lights of the microwave oven. We cannot escape light. But, there is something about decorating […]

Worship Mythbusters Christmas Edition: Santa’s Naughty List leaked

Merry Christmas (or Bah Humbug if you feel grumpy)… I thought I would leak out the naughty list for those who attend Christmas Eve services this year. (Tongue in cheek guys). Suzie I-get-up-and-have-to-go-pee-three-times-during-the-service is getting 1 lbs. of coal Jimmy my-kid’s-screaming-is-not-heard-by-anyone-around-me is getting 1.7 lbs. of coal Bob I-can-save-seats-I-really-don’t-need-for-people-who-will-come-very-late gets […]

Band downhere Releases Christmas CD TODAY!

I am indeed a fan of downhere so of course I downloaded their very first full-length Christmas album. Today it debuts . Jeremy writes: “How Many Kings: Songs for Christmas” was a really fun album to do. We opted to self-produce this one which allowed us a lot of freedom […]