Memorial Day: My visit to Gettysburg, PA

Last week in middle Pennsylvania, I spent a day with my nephew Kyle, a college music student. It was an honor, since its not often I get time with my family out on the other coast. Part of our day included a drive to Gettysburg, a 30 minute jaunt from where were at the time. I am a sucker for history, so this addition on the itinerary was a no-brainer. We could have watched a movie like “Hangover Part 3” but wiser thinking ruled the day. The perfect weather also proved an outside activity a logical choice. (Yes, I did see Star Trek twice on  this very trip.).

Santa Nella..the endless road trip

We are on the last legs of our 2nd 650 mile trip from Redding to Temecula. This trip was the getting the house ready to sell trip…paint, clean and sparkle. Our trip so far has had only one Monster drink, one object hit and dent the car and one stop…Santa […]

Some great photos and a birthday update!

Coast Trip 2007 I already mentioned a bit about my trip, but you really need to see these pictures. Minutes and hours from where we live in Redding, the most beautiful scenery exists to wow the eyes and calm the soul.  Beyond that, it was fun to break in my […]