Local Worship Leaders: Connections can save your life

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. – Galatians 6:9 (NLT)

Last night a bunch of our local area worship leaders met at a restaurant for encouragement and connection. The ten of us represent thousands of worshippers collectively, but only a small portion of those that lead worship in our area. (Over 40 worship leaders connect on our Facebook group page.) Some lead worship as a full-time employee, others are either part-time workers or volunteer entirely at their churches. Some lead at large churches. Some at smaller churches. Worship leaders already are a tribe of cats, so when you also consider the different expressions it may seem hard to find connection. You could not be more wrong to think that. In fact, not only do these connections provide immediate encouragement, they might save your life. After all, there are some hidden things about the role of leading worship that those not in your shoes miss. Let’s not get tired in our work simply because we are not there for each other.

Worship Leader/Blogger Rich Kirkpatrick of Temecula, CA Releases 5-Song EP “Drink The Divine”!

For a LIMITED time before the release date on March 15, you can download the entire EP for FREE at http://noisetrade.com/drinkthedivine.com The following is from the official press release: LINK to pdf: PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release: Temecula, California March 13, 2012 Contact:  Worship Leader/Blogger Rich Kirkpatrick of Temecula, CA […]

Worship Mythbusters Christmas Edition: Santa’s Naughty List leaked

Merry Christmas (or Bah Humbug if you feel grumpy)… I thought I would leak out the naughty list for those who attend Christmas Eve services this year. (Tongue in cheek guys). Suzie I-get-up-and-have-to-go-pee-three-times-during-the-service is getting 1 lbs. of coal Jimmy my-kid’s-screaming-is-not-heard-by-anyone-around-me is getting 1.7 lbs. of coal Bob I-can-save-seats-I-really-don’t-need-for-people-who-will-come-very-late gets […]