Jesus’ bones found in tomb?

Believe it or not, a masterfully executed publicity stunt about the bones of Jesus probably will prompt millions watch the Discovery Channel’s "The Lost Tomb of Christ" and once again we see pop media fail to prove anything to anyone.  "New" scientific evidence?  In fact, the BBC did a documentary […]

American Idol Tie?

Well, not for real, but certainly in my home.  Taylor and Kat were both strong in their own right tonight and my kids are split on it.  At least it was an entertaining night.  I loved Taylor’s purple coat and opener and was certainly blown away by Katherine’s "Somewhere Over […]

Another Idol Night: My Picks

OK.  I have to agree with Randy Elrod, Katherine was great!  She has the goods to deliver.  I disagree with the judges who seemed miffed and compared her against Whitney Houston.  Elliot is indeed a good singer, but not up to the par of Katherine.  Kelli…the performance…not good at all.  […]

I LOVE American Idol

Yes, I admit it.  I LOVE the show ‘American Idol‘.  My whole family is obsessed with it.  We have dinner in front of the TV the nights American Idol is on.  We record it on our DVR to be sure not to miss it.  We laugh at the bad singing […]