CREATIVITY: 5 Strategies to Fight “Blank Canvas Panic”

Many spend hours preparing their presentation, their set list of music, or the communication video reel each week only to succumb to the terrible, habitual blank canvass panic. This “blank canvass panic” (or BCP) experience raises your blood pressure and catalyzes the acidic wash inside your stomach. This is the empty page, the blank screen, the note-less and rhythmless song. Likely, you will recover. But, deadlines head toward you like a freight train on a mission.

I have put below ten strategies to help us creatives through the BCP. Better than breathing into a paper bag or bingeing on ice cream are some methods to calm the madness of your creative storm, Some anxiety should be celebrated and leveraged, but the tsunami production output is calling your name.

Red Bull: What’s really in this stuff??

Inside Red Bull is: Meat Sugar, Caffeine, and Bile! That’s right “meat sugar” and “bile” as well as the expected active ingredient of soft drinks and coffee–caffeine.  Bile sounds yummy!  I still love this drink on road trips, however.  Tasty. Check out the full, fun article from–What’s Inside: Red […]

Rueben’s Tube

I LOVE this!  Thanks Randy for sharing it…click the player above or use this link here:  Reuben’s Tube. It involves open flames and sound waves.  What a combination.  Folks, do not try this at home! HT: via Ethos

Instant Replay…36 years later!

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" was the quote that Neil Armstrong spoke in 1969 when he planted his foot on the moon.  Or, did he?  Armstrong has been criticized for years by historians for his lack of good grammar at such a momentous event.  Well, […]

The Future of Meat: Grow it in a petri dish!

This is for real.  Scientists in Europe are growing meat in a test tube.  One effort is using pig stem cells to grow muscle tissue in potentially mass quantities.  This pig muscle stuff called "vitro meat" could have better health benefits than traditional meat–you know, the kind that comes from […]

Invention or Discovery?

If you are in business, science or an artist who creates it seems to me that things are discovered rather than "invented" in our world.  Solomon had something to say about this. What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and […]