Crystal Creek Falls

Crystal Creek Falls is a 50 foot waterfall off CA Highway 299, in the Whiskeytown Lake area.  Even though we are now in August when the snow melt is waning, the falls are spectacular.  I cannot wait to return either for the fun swim-holes or picnic opportunities.  There are two […]

Nello’s Place

 Nello’s (3055 Bechilli Lane) is an Italian restaurant that has been in Redding for a while.  I went there for the first time with my wife for our 17th anniversary–actually a date that included dinner and a movie.  We saw Click, which was hilarious and poignant.  Anyway, I recommend this […]

HOT: 116 today in Redding!!

In Redding, California you can find hot real estate buys, hot air balloon rides, hot worship leader dudes like me and of course just plain hot!  A couple years ago, my town had the honor of being the "hottest on earth".  It was surreal seeing the weather in Bagdad and […]

Cars: What a cool flick!

Alright, I just had one of the greatest times at a movie in memory.  I took the family to see "Cars" by Disney/Pixar last night and it was a winner!  The graphics and creativity was amazing.  The more you looked the more cleverness you would see in each shot–a world […]

Shasta Caverns: A fun day trip!

As you can see, this area I live in is absolutely gorgeous!  This picture is of Lake Shasta as you exit the Lake Shasta Caverns. I had fun on Monday!  My daughter Emilie (the girl in the dark hair) dragged me along with Ms. Higgins’s 6th-grade class at Redding Christian […]

In Search Of The Perfect Cup of Coffee

I love coffee and a good cappuccino as well.  The above picture is of the drink I made early this morning.  I used beans roasted by Peets Coffee (Espresso Forte) and 2% milk frothed to 161 degrees Fahrenheit.  The timing has to be right.  The beans have to be right.  […]

What Star Trek Character are you??

William T Riker.  The people who don’t know you respect you and the people who do know you will always be at your side, but remember to keep the beard. Which Star Trek Character Are You? brought to you by Quizilla HT:  Barbara Nicolosi

World Class Bridge in Redding

I am very proud of our little city, Redding, CA. This link gives you all the scoop about one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. Read more. World reknowned architect Santiago Calatrava designed this walking bridge to not touch or disturb the Sacramento river below. This bridge is […]

The Joy of Tree Ordinances

In my beautiful city of Redding, California there is a common debate us people out west have. Trees. [See our local paper’s article from today by clicking here.] Should we not cut any tree that is over 6 inches in diameter or what? I feel so regulated that I think […]