New BLOGS to plug: My fellow Redding peeps!!

I am EXCITED tonight since I just discovered that my dear pastor Bill Giovannetti from Neighborhood Church has launched a blog. I know that it is going to be theologically fun, challenging and entertaining.  Check out and see for yourself!  Also, notice my NEW "My Redding Peeps" blogroll.  These […]

Cold Snap: Burrrr

Here in Redding we have seen some cold mornings.  Right now at 8:35 with the sun out it is about 23 degrees.  Last night it got down to 20.  Brrrr.  I feel for all y’all in the middle part of our nation.  So, the biggest deal is that the 18-year-old […]

Snapshots and Portraits: 2 More Nights!

We at Neighborhood Church are putting on an excellent 2-act play entitled "Snapshots and Portraits" this week.  Our opening night came off well and I was impressed by the quality of the production.  If you are in the Redding area, I would love to have you see this production.  Only […]

Bad Ass Coffee comes to Redding

Bad Ass Coffee is a coffee chain from Hawaii.  Of course the name is a surfer thing, even though their mascot is a donkey (bad ass verses badass).  The roasts are form Kona and the flavor is excellent.  Free wifi and a plasma screen will also bring me back.  I […]

Drama at the Cascade Theatre in Redding!

This past week my daughter and wife were involved in a huge musical theater production of "Anne of Green Gables" with our school (Redding Christian School).  The entire school was involved–from elementary to high school.  My daughter was June Andrews and did a super job since she is such a […]

We made the local paper…sort of

Well, Neighborhood Church of Redding has made the local paper…sort of.  There is an article that really sounds like us, minus a couple details.  The point of the article is the contrast between a small traditional church and a large modern church and how in a business sense the modern […]

Blogging and stuff….

Why do I blog?  Just in case you are wondering, remember the cup of coffee I am drinking is now famous.  Yaks Coffee shop was written-up in the NY Times as a cool place, which it is.  The coffee is good, too. Anyway, back to the topic: I desire to […]

Labor Day Hike to Bumpass Hell

We had a great time with our friends  Tom and Wendy Kerr and their family hiking to Bumpass Hell in Lassen Volcanic National Park.  The above pic is just an example of the amazing  views at about 8000 ft.  The hike was at that level, so the kids and parents  […]

Family Hike to Brandy Creek Falls

Brandy Creek Falls is a mere 1.5 mile hike…well, all uphill, of course.  Me and the family drove the dirt road to yet another falls in the Whiskeytown recreational area.  (Whiskeytown lake is about 15 minutes from Redding).  “Are we there yet” and “boy, my legs are tired dad” all […]

Sundial Bridge at Night

The Sundial Bridge at night is cool!  These are my two kids (Emilie, left and Ethan right) and my nephew Anthony is the tall one in the back.  There were hundreds of people at the bridge.  This bridge is really a melting pot of Redding.  I like it.  Not just […]