SURPRISE! Its Amy Grant!

Yes, that’s right, Amy Grant was the "surprise guest" at our re:create dinner tonight.  WOW!  What a treat to see her in an informal setting.  She did a couple favs, but wowed me with her version of putting Ephesians 6 to scripture.  She encouraged us to creatively put longer passages […]

Blogging seminar with Ethos and re:create bloggers!

I am live blogging from Franklin, TN (re:create conference) a "blogging" seminar with Randy Elrod of Ethos and Brittany of Nashville is Talking blog.  I like that Nashville has a blogging community like this. Blogger, once featured in the NY Times, was also presenting. Many of my fellow re:creators […]

re:create Bloggers Unite UPDATE 1

We missed one of our own re:creator blogs!  Justin Adams, the Worship Pastor at Saddbleback Church has a blog:  Justin’s Blog.  Justin also has some cool stuff on his site about his touring and music at  Justin, it was great getting to know you at the think-tank thing!  Blessings. […]

re:create Bloggers Unite!

If you have seen the postings I have made about this year’s re:create conference in Franklin, TN, you must also be made aware of the blogging that goes on.  Here is a rip off of Pat Calahan’s post–he gathered all of his fellow re:creator’s blog addresses and posted them.  Here […]

DAY 4 of re:create 2006

Our opening morning worship time was with Brandon Muchow, the 19-year-old son of Saddleback Community Church’s Rick Muchow.  The sincerity and love of God coupled with gifted expression made this a special time of worship.  And, I think that I might try to match-make Brandon and my daughter, Emilie (although […]

DAY 3 of re:create 2006

Mathew West led worship this morning and shared his songs and heart.  What a great guy and what talent. We spent the middle of the day at Vanderbilt Center for Better Health in a "think-act tank" room.  This experience used brainstorming techniques developed by MG Taylor Corporation.  Our group tasted […]

Two Weblogs You Must Read

2 NEW WEBLOGS ADDED TO MY FAVORITES!  Brian Petak, a worship pastor and songwriter has been gifted with a special talent and ministry focus.  His writings are thoughtful about life and ministry.  Barbara Nicolosi, a film writer, will challenge you as an artist to think, dream and grow.

DAY 2 of re:create 2006

What a great morning here in Franklin.  Stuart Townend, a favorite songwriter and worship leader of mine, led us this morning in worship and shared a new story song about Good Friday.  My church will be singing it soon–as soon as I can get ahold of a copy! Narnia!  These […]