At the cre:ate conference 2008

I am at the cre:ate 2008 think-tank and conference in Franklin, TN.  This is the place that got me and dozens of others blogging, by the way.  The conversations about faith, art and creativity are amazing as is the food.  This is my seventh year and it is great to […]

New weblogs added to my sidebar!

I have to point out that I have met a few bloggers on my trip to Atlanta and Nashville.  Please check out my blogroll on the sidebar.  My favorite name out of the newly named blogs is "Chris from Canada" since Chris made a big deal about how I (and […]

Day 2 re:create recap

Day 2 of re:create 2007 has finally ended.   Here is a recap of today. Dean Batali, a writer of “That 70s Show” shared with us about what it is like as a Christian working in Hollywood television.  Imagine being the only believer in a company.  I am inspired by the […]