2010: Happy New Year!

To state the obvious, it is 2010! This picture is of Copper The Dog, our family pet. We played Apples 2 Apples and ate ice cream with the kids and family. How did you ring in the New Year?

Worship Mythbusters Christmas Edition: Santa’s Naughty List leaked

Merry Christmas (or Bah Humbug if you feel grumpy)… I thought I would leak out the naughty list for those who attend Christmas Eve services this year. (Tongue in cheek guys). Suzie I-get-up-and-have-to-go-pee-three-times-during-the-service is getting 1 lbs. of coal Jimmy my-kid’s-screaming-is-not-heard-by-anyone-around-me is getting 1.7 lbs. of coal Bob I-can-save-seats-I-really-don’t-need-for-people-who-will-come-very-late gets […]