Fitness Log Week 11: holding…

HAPPY MONDAY! Weight:  I am holding at about 196.  My weight fluctuated 3 pounds during the week.  These last 10 pounds will take longer, I know. Eating/Diet:  I kept a diary all week.  I have averaged under 2000 calories a day.  I am trying to find the sweet spot–between losing […]

Fitness Log Week 9: Hikes, and heat…

This week was another holding pattern…unless I uses my weight from 2 days ago. Weight:  I am at 197.7 lbs. right now, a loss of about a pound from last week. Eating/Diet:  Really, it was so hot–over 102 ever day here in Redding–that I could not eat that much.  I […]

Fitness Log Week 8: A flat week

I know…I am once again late getting this update.  Here it is. (Usually on Mondays) Weight:  Good news again!  I am down 1 pounds this week…now 198.5.  I am now creeping below the once-reached goal of 200.  I anticipate that the last 10 pounds will be harder than all the […]

Fitness Log: Week 5

I have done some tweaking on the "Exercise Log" and decided to keep myself publically accountable for my dieting as well.  So, for this 12-week-plus trial, I am hoping to gain some good habits, maintain my weight loss, and live a more active lifestyle.  Here is what I did (and […]

Exercise Log Week 4: Uhmm…does worship count?

OK.  I lost a pound this week, not for trying.  Does worshiping and walking around the Saddleback Church campus count at all as exercise?  Hmm… Sunday: jogged on treadmill 1.75 miles Monday:  …drove all day and snacked Tuesday:  uhm…worshiped and walked Saddleback Church campus Wednesday:  dittos Thursday:  dittos Friday: …arrived […]