Modern Worship Keyboards: Laptop/Controller vs. Traditional Synth

There are so many choices these days when addressing your keyboard needs for modern worship. Shell out say $3,000 for a synth by Nord, Yamaha, or Roland. Or, use your laptop and a controller like Axiom Pro or Studio Logic. I get a lot of questions about this topic, so I thought I would give you my thinking in hopes it aids in deciding for you the best option.

When an acoustic guitarist can spend $3,000 simply on a nice professional Taylor or Martin to lead worship with, the range in price is such that $500 might sound terrible while $5,000 terrific when you talk about wood, manufacturing, and the pickup electronics. I am here to say that you might feel less cool using a controller, but the geeky-ness of a laptop/iPad setup means for about $1,500 you can sound as good as a $3,300 workstation. If you already own a laptop, it might be less than that!

Modern Worship Keyboards: My setup for loops, clicks & keys with MainStage

After affectionally being called “vintage” I have decided to stick with that title as a worship leader and worship keyboardist. But, volunteering on our church worship team requires thinking beyond my vintage roots to support a modern worship band at the keys. Aaron, my worship pastor, is a keyboardist as well. So, when he asked me to consider playing more often I knew he might hear every wrong note and vintage mistake. Of course I felt up to the challenge as he is a nice-but-demanding fellow and I love skillfully leading worship–whether its singing, playing an instrument, or any other means.

Ibanez Guitars: AW200ECEVV and PF15MS Reviewed

If you are looking for decent acoustic guitars, there are quite a few good options out there. I have found a surprise in Ibanez acoustic guitars. The two models I am involved with are an acoustic-electric, Model AW200ECEVV, I bought to lead worship with, and, an acoustic dreadnought that I […]

KORG Triton Extreme 88 Review

  The Korg Triton Extreme 88 is a keyboard I have had for only a month now. I am only a bit geeky, so things with this many knobs, wheels, touch screens, sliders and buttons scare me. I was looking for an 88-key synth with weighted action that could be […]