Audacious Dreams: Preston Tucker and his car

When I think of dreaming I look to dreamers.  One of these is Preston Tucker.  This automaker was revolutionary.  He wanted safe, economical cars.  Did you know that alluminum block, fuel injection, seat belts, safety dash, safety glass and a headlight that turns with the steering wheel like those fancy […]

Cars: What a cool flick!

Alright, I just had one of the greatest times at a movie in memory.  I took the family to see "Cars" by Disney/Pixar last night and it was a winner!  The graphics and creativity was amazing.  The more you looked the more cleverness you would see in each shot–a world […]

Escaping the Creative Ghetto

Here is a great article at Christianity Today’s site that has been adapted from a book I am reading entitled Behind the Screen.  The article is "Escaping the Creative Ghetto".  I had the chance to hear one of the editors share with a group in Franklin, TN (yes that re:create […]