“American Sniper” Special Giveaway! – DVD/Blue-ray

I don’t usually do this, but if you want to win a free copy of the movie American Sniper, simply let me know in the comments and in the comment thank a vet you know personally. I thank my friend Adam who served his country faithfully. His story inspires me in what he has overcome both in battle and in the life afterwards. 

This movie is important. Why? We need to consider the cost of war, for one. Secondly, we must honor and tangibly value the lives of those who serve us in the armed services. Besides that, it is a very good film.

On Friday, I will randomly select a winner. I will contact you via email.

A top 10 movie list…

Thanks to my fellow Daily Scribe blogger Shawn Anthony, I am giving you a top 10 list of my favorite movies. The rules of this particular meme are: 1. List your top ten favorite films (in no particular order). 2. If you are tagged, you have to post and tag […]

Transformers movie is a fun ride

I took my son and wife to see Transformers and it was such a fun ride.  My son Ethan, who is 9, was at the edge of his seat for the entire 144 minutes!  And, the boy in me was satisfied with heroic plot lines and explosions and fights and […]

USPS Launches STAR WARS Stamps!

What fun!  My blogging friend Ben will love this.  Star Wars stamps from the USPS.  My favorite is the Storm Trooper stamp, but you can vote for your favorite, too.  There is also a line of shipping boxes with the Star Wars theme.  Check out the site here:  USPS Jedi […]

300: A power film

The movie 300 is truly a powerful film.  I got to see it on opening night with friends in a packed house.  If you cannot stomach violence, don’t see it.  There’s lots of skin with chiseled warriors dismembering and slashing in most scenes.   However, the visual effects used in the […]

New Star Trek Movie: Matt Damon as Kirk?

Matt Damon as Kirk?  Wow.  It is true.  In 2008 there is a Star Trek XI movie coming out that is a prequel to the original series.  Of course, I will watch it, no matter how horrible it is, since I just love Star Trek.  J.J. Abrams at the helm […]

Little Miss Sunshine: Pass on this film

Barbara over at Church of the Masses gives us good reason to miss this flick, Little Miss Sunshine.  Read her article and respectful rant about it here:  Little Miss Crass and Vulgar. I love Barbara’s wit and perspective on things.  We too often in the Christian realm either fight everything, […]