It’s all about the foam…

It is indeed all about the foam.  You gotta love a good cappuccino.  I like to make my own–like this one pictured here from this morning.  If I am at Starbucks, the best to order is the short.  And… make it on the dry side. Any of you out there […]

French Press Coffee….the best!

The best cup of coffee you can find is one you can make.  All you need is a burr grinder and a French press with some hot water.  Use bold or dark roasted beans for rich flavor.  But, any roast of your choice will work. Trust me on this one.  […]

Starbucks Doubleshot On Ice….

Starbucks made a new drink and I love it!  The doubleshot on ice is great.  Well, I am a coffee pushover and as the days get warmer an iced drink is the order.  This drink is only 90 calories and contains and energy boost thing that is keeping me going […]

Coffee is art…

Coffee is art.  The foam on a cappuccino has to look and feel right.  The aroma of the espresso beans as they are ground and pressed through with water just the right temperature delight.  The first sip and combination of foam and coffee and milk awaken.  I love coffee.  But, […]