“American Sniper” Special Giveaway! – DVD/Blue-ray

The giveaway is over. THE WINNER IS … Britton Wesson! Thanks for participating and shouting out to those you know who served. On this Memorial Day, we also want to pause on those who served but paid the highest price for us. We are mindful of that loss and those it effects.

I don’t usually do this, but I ran a giveaway for a free copy of the movie American Sniper. The participants simply let me know in the comments and in the comments of their interest and were instructed to thank a vet they know personally. I thank my friend Adam who served his country faithfully. His story inspires me in what he has overcome both in battle and in the life afterwards.

This movie is important. Why? We need to consider the cost of war, for one. Secondly, we must honor and tangibly value the lives of those who serve us in the armed services. Besides that, it is a very good film.


Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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