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Here are the TOP 10 BLOG POSTS of 2013. With 2013 mostly behind us, I thought I would summarize for the many newer readers of this site the most on-site read and most shared items on social networks. Here are the top posts in their order of popularity with a brief description.

Top Five Reasons 2013 Will Be Tougher For Worship Leaders

This post launched the year with some grim news for the role of worship leader for this past year. It is by far the most shared and talked about post in 2013. Do you think the predictions were spot on or off course?

Porn Blocking For Your Family: A Review Of Pandora’s Hope Router

This post was a rare review of a product on my site. I only review things that I think my audience will greatly benefit from. Content filtering is an important topic, and the emails and offline comments clarified this further for me.

Modern Worship Keyboards: My Setup For Loops, Clicks & Keys With Mainstage

The votes in on this one solidified for me the rarity of fresh information on using keyboards in worship. There are a couple that follow this one with similar content. If you play keyboard in church for modern worship, it seems an itch has been scratched by these posts.

Modern Worship Keyboards: Laptop/Controller Vs. Traditional Synth

Another keyboard in modern worship post!

10 Laws Of Social Networking Etiquette: Save Yourself Some Pain!

A lot of Facebook shares and tweets about this post occupied the last half of 2013 from my blog. Proven here is the need to have adult conversations about the childish behaviors we tend to exhibit online.

Top 6 Reasons To Not Use Twitter

This tongue-in-cheek list supports why social media still maintains its status of importance. Or, it suggests to some of us why this is the case.

Five Critical Tips For Modern Worship Keyboardists

The worship keyboard itch is scratched yet another time in 2013.

Betrayal, Denial And Church People: You Need A Reality Check.

Some of the offline emails from this were very personal. It is not easy to talk about the dark side of our church experience, but I think this post is a helpful conversation steering tool. Have you ever been betrayed by your own people at church?

Top 10 Crazy Ways To Pray!

On occasion we need to mix up our spiritual habits to prevent stalling our growth and mechanizing our experiences. Here are some tips that lighted up the conversation meter this past year.

Church Communications And The Streisand Effect

To hide information can be disastrous to a local church. Often that is like putting a spotlight on the most unflattering situations when simply being upfront might allow the public a more even hand in learning about who we are. Church communication requires skilled judiciousness to strategically and authentically deliver transparency.

Thanks for taking the 2013 journey with me. Over 20,000 unique people have visited this blog in the past year. I’m excited to see what 2014 brings! Happy New Year!

Did you favorite post make the cut?

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