On Being Human: Soundscapes from their backyard? Genius!

Greg Johnson of On Being Human has been busy lately. Besides his band, Greg and his bandmates work on movie and TV soundtracks, produce artists (even people like me), and have been known to cover a video game tune or two. Murrieta, California has few as talented and creative when it comes to the professional music field. 

My EP from last year was in the midst of a remaster session when Greg grew a grin on his face and began to talk about a project for a new TV series called “Nowheresville”  and how he and the On Being Human guys created a soundscape from the backyard of the “man ranch”–as it is affectionately called. Everything from recording pellet guns shot into a BBQ to a banjo being eerily bowed inside a smoker were all caught on video. The hit of a certain pipe gave resonance to a note that Greg built a tune around for the TV soundtrack. The result? Brilliant. 

Creativity often can come from limitations more than from endless choices. The rusted tools and worn backyard toys from a house off a dirt road in Murrieta color the soundtrack of a TV show. This video shows that to truly be creative, you had better not grow up. Artists in fact are those that have survived with their childhood intact. Right? On Being Human inspires all of us creatives in this way.

Check out their music and many projects on the Facebook page.


Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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