Top 10 Reasons Saturday Worship is WAY BETTER!

I am so happy that my new church has a Saturday service. (In fact, you MUST come if you are ever in the Murrieta-Temecula area to Centerpoint Church!) We already have a good crowd, but I think we might have quite a few more folks if they actually knew about the amazing benefits of going to church on Saturday instead of Sunday. Now, we all like top 10 lists, so here is one that will put to death any doubts of the supremacy of worshipping on Saturday night.

  • Sleeping in on Sunday mornings is actually pretty awesome.
  • You get to read the Sunday newspaper in the morning before the sprinklers ruin it.
  • Well, there is football for those who like that sort of thing.
  • It is easier to sing at night in those high keys that pervade the modern worship stuff we all do.
  • Did I already say something about sleeping in on Sunday?
  • You have more time for chores on Sunday!
  • Mowing the lawn is more fun on Sundays. 
  • Since your neighbors are home Sunday mornings you can actually go and meet them, finally.
  • Sermons seem shorter on Saturday nights. Really.
  • You can actually go to the Chick-fil-A drive-thru after church and not have your kids scream in disappointment!!

Well, blogging is about conversation. Please, add to this list your favorite reasons for coming to church on Saturday.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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  1. Most unsaved people who decide to go to church usually think to go on Sunday. If we go on Saturday, it frees up more seats for them. Our pastor calls it "Sleeping in for Jesus!" when we come on Saturday. lol

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