Share Gospel on Easter: Feeling Uneasy? Sometimes it’s a good thing!

Recently, a visiting ministry leader shared with our church a short snippet of what God was doing with him and the work to train pastors overseas in Europe. Then, he mentioned that out of say 750 million in Europe there could be 700 million heading to hell. A friend sent me a text saying it felt weird to hear it that way. I agreed. It is unsettling to be faced with a reality of people not finding God and then the personal responsibility of being called to make followers of Jesus wherever we go. Granted, we don’t like using the offensive “going to hell” phrase, and prefer “lost” or “unchurched” or some other euphemism. The reality is disconcerting. It should be. But, instead of focusing on how our world is going to hell in a hand-basket there are even simple things we can do to invite people into life with Christ.

Those of us as ministry leaders who are not using social media to connect are missing out. Yes, there are misuses. Please, stop the political bickering Christian! What are we for? We are for reaching people who otherwise may not hear about or see the gospel. I read an article this week that explained how our culture simply is ignorant of the Bible even as a piece of literature. The series “The Bible” on the History Channel is hugely popular to the surprise of Hollywood execs and experts alike. I suggest taking about this series to your friends. After all, “The Walking Dead” is talked about, so why not inquire how your social media following is tracking with it. 

Simon Seow, a digital ministry friend of mine shared with me a tool I think is a terrific in introducing people to the story of the gospel. It’s in the form of a four-minute video: Falling Plates. It is well-done and I challenge you my readers to check out the clip and start some conversations. Making disciples or followers of Jesus is not an event. It is a process that we need to engage in every day and whenever the opportunity arises. And, one has with this video and the TV series “The Bible”. Tools are just that. They are there to help us do work strategically and effectively. 

Are you in? Here is the site to #FallingPlates with tools for you to share. Let me know what you think and if you are with me on this or not, please comment below!

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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