Bacon Facts: Yes, we love our bacon

I wanted to turn heads to my blog today and I did not have a picture of puppies. So, even better than that is bacon. Really, bacon is just that good. The once maligned food actually is now back en vogue. I like mine crispy. Here are some bacon tidbits to whet the appetite and charm the non-vegitarians in us all.

  • Favorite Facebook bacon meme: No Hope – NoCash – No Jobs – Please Don’t Die Kevin Bacon.
  • Calories in a typical strip of bacon: 46 (NOT BAD!)
  • American bacon comes front the fatty belly of the pig.
  • Bacon tastes amazing. Yep.
  • In Europe they slice it fancy and call it pancetta.
  • Nitrosamines found in bacon are known to cause cancer when heated…sooo… well, no more bad news.
  • Bacon contains vitamins! Really!!
  • 70% of bacon is consumed for breakfast in the USA.
  • Bacon bits are actually vegetarian.


Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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