5 ways to stunt your creativity

If you want to stunt your creativity, limit your innovation, and settle, this list is for you. Far be it for any of us to want to grow in something like creativity.

  1.  Never start. Breaking in a blank canvass with that first brush stroke is the first push in momentum, so its hard to do. Dreams, if never written down and planned, fade. Small steps lead to more small steps and finally a destination.
  2.  Take time off. We need space to recharge, but delaying using your innovative muscle leads to atrophy. If you practice creativity, you expand your capacity to be creative. It may be like riding a bike, but riding a bike 20 miles is a lot different than riding a bike around the block.
  3. Do only what you do well. Failing is learning. So, if you want to limit creativity, go right ahead and stick to tried-and-true work. Perfectionism is actually dull. Never taking a risk may mean never enjoying what you actually are good at. Try failing.
  4.  Go at it all alone. To collaborate is to stretch your reach beyond yourself, using feedback from others to adjust, maximize, and rethink your process. Our personal narrative is too constricting on its own and editing makes for better creative work.
  5. Never finish. Keeping many plates spinning means you maintain the mediocre, stretching thin your ability to focus. Picking one thing to actually complete, even if it is not perfect, leads to the next thing. The next thing is pretty exciting!

Do the opposite of this list and you might find more of your ideas coming to life. Dreaming can actually change you life, launch a business, or produce great music if we intentionally keep from stunting our creativity.

Any others you can add to the list?

Any thoughts for further discussion on this list?

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

Writer, Speaker, and Musician. Rich Kirkpatrick was recently rated #13 of the “Top 75 Religion Bloggers” by Newsmax.com, having also received recognition by Worship Leader Magazine as “Editor’s Choice” for the “Best of the Best” of blogs in 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016.


  1. Enjoyed this very much!
    I can think of adding ‘giving up’ to the list 🙂

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