My Girl’s First Day of School: Are there flying cars in the future?

This post is dedicated to all my friends with young kids or kids in their future. 

I held my little girl’s hand, walking to her first day of school. I imagined and pondered. What would life be like for her in twelve years? Will cars fly in the future? Michael J. Fox and the Back to the Future series somehow entered my mind. Like the day of her birth, this day indeed was also big day for a little girl, her mom, and her dad. Our first experience as parents with delivery, diapers, and daycare all officially ended with my daughter’s first day of school.

Seeing ahead to when this child of ours would enter adulthood was like diving in muddy water for treasure. Somewhere the treasure is down there. But, murky is life and the turns it takes. What surprised me is how fast these turns advanced us to having a young woman who now will graduate high school in a matter of days. I remembered her playing with blocks, dinosaurs, and Pokemon. I held her for skinned knees, broken arms, and seen the tears of torment girls shed in Middle School. This year she is voting in her first presidential election.

Not all has changed during these years. Cars do not fly…yet. My girl still loves books. She devours them. She always has. Her strong determination is still there as is her pleasing manner with people and her laughing fits. She used to get stuck laughing as a little toddler. Sugar sets her off. Most prominent, she is her own person. No one tells her what is cool or not for her, not other teens and surely not mom or dad. That will never change about her, flying cars or not.

As I peeked into the future on first day of school, I pretty much saw who God made for the future. She was just contained in a smaller package back then. All the uniqueness God has put into that little girl are maturing in a young woman today. Parenting is more about seeing what God has put in a child. Then we get out of the way so those innate traits mature and grow. Correction is a lesser job in parenting, I believe. It is more about us parents nurturing who God designed.

To all the young dads and moms out there. I know you look at your kids today who are small and wonder what the future will be for them. Back when my little one was small the future was clouded. It still is. But, just as I was able to see the character, uniqueness, and personality of my little girl as clear as day I know you can as well for your kids. It is that vision that is the future.

We live in some pretty tough times today. My graduating girl faces a 59% under-employment and unemployment with her young adult peers. College debt is the next economic bubble. However, I know surely as our girl walked through the doors of kindergarten and grew up, she will successfully walk through larger doors in life. God made her, after all. We just got to borrow her for a time. Now, we get to partner with her. Hey World, watch out!

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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