Free Webinar – The Six Hats of the Worship Leader: How to Staff 6 Roles That Will Grow Your Team

Worship Leader Media is putting on a webinar that I am excited to teach. There are only 50 spots, so get yours while they last. Here is a practical topic that I think will help worship leaders as they work through launch, growth, and maintenance of their teams.

There are six roles or hats that take place in leading the 52 weekend services in worship. Learning what these roles are and staffing them well is the key to growing a team and preventing burnout and frustration. Leading worship is more than just a platform-driven event. There are people to recruit, schedules to keep, projects to manage, and communication to focus. On top of all the “tasks” there is the primary need for spiritual direction of all the people who make up a worship team. Learning how to leverage which of the six you should keep and which you should delegate can be the difference maker in sustaining and growing a team that can weather change.

In a smaller setting, people will surely wear more than one hat and most likely will be all volunteers. As a ministry grows, paid staff comes in to wear the hats that require more time or specialization. Here are the six hats:

  • Worship Leader: This individual’s role is the upfront face, and intuitively gifted individual who can engage a congregation.
  • Music Director: The details of music are important, so direction of rehearsal, preparation of charts and direction of the “sound” of the worship team.
  • Tech Director: This is audio, video, lighting and setup logistics both in detail and vision.
  • Service Producer: During the service, the details and flow are managed. (The larger the setting, the more this is needed.)
  • Programming Director/Admin: Project manager of the content and details for execution and/or person who keeps the details, scheduling and project in check.
  • Pastor/Executive Producer: Theology, the definition of the “win” for a weekend and organizational mission alignment as well as the shepherding issues on a team. This is both spiritual direction as well as organizationally driven.

The webinar would walk through how these all work together and encourage worship leaders to find which they are best to keep and which they are best to delegate and recruit others to take. Knowing these roles makes us “administer the gifts with grace” factoring in people’s shape and how that applies to leading worship.

This live webinar is FREE and limited to 50 attendees.

April 19, 11:00 to 12:00 pm.

Please note that the starting time listed is PST (California time)


Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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