Devotional: The Voice – Who is praying for you?

In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.

Romans 8:26 (NIV)

No, this post is not really about the TV show where those judges in chairs turn around after hearing  a blind audition. Will the singer look like his or her voice? The hook of this show is the idea that just on an individual’s voice they will judged. A baker, a mechanic, and nursing student compete. Some have families and are even middle aged. The voice of each contestant has the opportunity to win the prize of fame.

The voice of the shepherd calls his sheep to safety. Training ourselves to listen to the right voice is a life skill. A child will run to the voice of her mother. But, what we do not realize is that we have a voice. A mother knows the cry of her baby anywhere. When our voice cries, there is someone’s ear who is already tuned for us, like a mother to her baby.

Even more than the Shepherd’s voice calling us is the idea that there is a spiritual language being prayed from within us by the Holy Spirit. This voice cries out to God to help our us in our weaknesses. When we do not know what to pray, prayer is already happening! Because of our new birthright in Christ, there is the support of our Helper who intercedes on our behalf, even when our voice is silent. The Spirit lends us His voice. And, apparently we are not always aware of this constant prayer.

The Voice that speaks and sings for us is one we may not even understand. Think about that, these “wordless groans” do not sound like a voice that prompts judges to turn their chairs. Like an instrumental melody the voice of the Spirit helps us in this way. To us, this “wordless groan” might be like jazz scatting. To heaven it is a detailed, custom fit, and loving prayer for our deepest weaknesses–our wounds, habits, and faults.

We love to quote Romans 8:28 about God working all things together for good. But, do we realize that the working of good is partly this helpful intercession? Do we embrace the fact that we really do not know what to pray at times and that God has that covered for us? The good working together here is that the grace of God not only is my hope in justifying me before a righteous judge. It is also hope that my daily life has supernatural help where I need it most.

My pride wants my voice to be what get’s me holier, healthier, and simply better. But, reality shows my ineptitude in prayer. This is hope! And, hope in things we see is not hope. I cannot fathom or define The Voice in me that prays for my weaknesses. It is part of the hope of being a child of God. To think that The Voice of his Spirit is there to help us in the daily grind, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not is simply amazing.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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