Devotional: Boundary Stones – do I defend who God defends?

“Do not move an ancient boundary stone or encroach on the fields of the fatherless, For their defender is strong; he will take up their case against you.” Proverbs 23:10-11 (NIV)

Those who are most vulnerable end up being taken advantage of without anyone to defend them. Or, so it seems. Justice is part of God’s character. When injustice is imposed on people, God sees this. In fact, it says he defends this. But, how?

If we as Christians are the hands and feet of Jesus, then surely we are part of this equation. We are the ones called to care for the “least of these” in our world and defend the orphan. Followers of Jesus represent the good news of redemption from sin which leads to peace with God. And, part of that good news is our heart for those who are defenseless without advocacy.

What is an ancient boundary stone? God marks value to people before they are even born. When we try to take the marker and invade the apparently defenseless ones, we invade on God’s territory. He set the markers there that say, “this one is of value!” When we ignore the plight of people we are numb to God’s heart for justice.

Here are some questions to ask ourselves:

  • Do I see the value of people as God sees people?
  • How can I in a practical way partner with God’s justice for those most vulnerable?
  • If my boundary is being moved, do I trust that God is on my side? Will he fight for me?


Dear God, let me be one who never takes advantage of the needy. Like you, let me hear their cry and defend their cause. Let your justice and mercy be part of not only my speech, but part of my action. As I share the good news of peace with God through your son Jesus, let me also live as a person who defends who you defend. AMEN.

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

Writer, Speaker, and Musician. Rich Kirkpatrick was recently rated #13 of the “Top 75 Religion Bloggers” by, having also received recognition by Worship Leader Magazine as “Editor’s Choice” for the “Best of the Best” of blogs in 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

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