Yep, this dad is proud! Emilie’s new EP “My Oh My” is gonna ship this week.

Dad and mom here are very proud of our 17-year-old on the release this next week of her very first EP entitled “My Oh My”! Yep, her little brother is, as well as her whole family. We were blessed with a producer, musicians, mixing talent and more as well. This petite young woman with a big voice has already been turning heads with her sound and talent in the pre-release phase.

This project could not have happened, however, without the support of my social media family out there who crowdfunded a good portion of it. I would like to thank you guys for helping us be successful on TWO crowdfunding campaigns. (See for the full story on that). There is not doubt in my mind that you guys helped us along with family and some close friends see this happen.

As you can see, the very first batch of these are in so we will be shipping before the November 5 release date to those that were Funders their copies as soon as possible! By Friday, you should be spinning these non-stop! [Go to to get your copy if you have not ordered one yet!]

Over the past year our family is weathering losing a job, possibly a home and being in very uncertain times. It has not been birthed in the most upward of times for us. So, this project has been an absolute blessing to us from you and a reminder to us of how investing in people, especially your own kids, makes a difference.

Please spread the word in Facebook, twitter and wherever you can. This is an “indie” endeavor which means only your recommendations can get Emilie heard and known. Her website has a place where you and others can stream the songs in full and purchase downloads or CD copies of the EP. And, we have listed some of the amazing kudos that have already been coming in for her project!

Thanks once again to my family and friends–both IRL (in real life) and virtual!

ALSO… please “like” her Facebook Music Page if you would. Thanks!



Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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