What happens when things do not work out? Try again. (Emilie’s starting over!)

**A repost from my daughter, Emilie’s blog: Oh the humanity: What happened to my Kickstarter and Starting over!

You might have noticed a message in this song about being human, which is exactly how I am feeling at the moment.

I have a little story to tell you.

As many of you probably are aware of, I did a Kickstarter campaign and raised the full amount for my CD project One moment we were celebrating the amazing generosity of so many people. I was really excited about reaching the goal.

Then moments later I read an email that I missed from a few weeks previous that changed everything. I ended up not qualifying for an Amazon Payments account because of my age. I’m only 17. What an embarrassing ordeal to say the least!

What does this mean to you have donated? It means that all that money was not charged to you, thankfully, but it also means that I did not get any money for the project. So, what’s going to happen to my EP? Well, here’s the scoop.

First, this Sunday my dad and I are flying to Austin, Texas and I will be recording with Ramy on Monday and Tuesday. Yes, I am so excited! So, the project is going forward. However, I still need help.

If you pledged, you can move over your pledge to a new site where my new campaign is. It is called IndieGoGo.com. This means your support can still help this project go forward.

And, this also means that if you wanted to support the project and did not get to that you still can. But, act very fast, please. There are only 12 days left to help out. If you are wondering, helping out has some cool perks to enjoy–like a T-shirt I designed, a video of the recording process and more!

So I really do feel human right now and apologize for all the confusion.

Please go to my new campaign site and consider supporting my EP project! IndieGoGo.com/emilie

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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