Patronage is more important today than ever: How micro-patronage can make a real difference!

Patrons of the arts helped shape culture, bringing about social change of many kinds in the history of Western Civilization. Today, we can do the same as “micro-patrons” of creatives who may need a boost now and again. Our nation is in need of gifted artists telling the story of faith and life in settings beyond the four walls of a church building. Many complain about culture. They fear where things are headed. They also see their young artists swallowed up by “the world” only to reinforce cynicism about art itself. But, something can be done about it! We can complain about culture, copy culture or CREATE culture. What is your choice in the matter?

With Emilie’s campaign, I fear her being lost in a sea of so many “trying to make its” and then people not seeing her real talent and potential. And, of course there is always a question that makes sense, too. Why so much money? Well, it is not as much as you think. It is a very modest amount that if our family had the means to fully fund would do so in a heart beat! However, we really do need help. We have been hit very hard these past 12 months more than any other season and besides incurring debt, we believe this option makes sense. This campaign is really for a small recording project after all. But, it could launch a career. And, you can be a part of making that happen.

We need you to consider a being a micro-patron, and enjoy the music as well. This is not charity, it is making a statement that you want to help develop talent that will create culture in a world that needs it desperately. I encourage you, if this project is not fitting for you then look around and find a young artist to support!

Are you willing to become a micro-patron?

Emilie’s Campaign

Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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