Worship Recap & Set List: August 7, ’11 at Venture Christian Church

Recap: This week I switched out playing both piano and acoustic guitar. Most modern worship music is assessable enough that I can do pretty well on guitar–especially if the band is spot on. The band was, thankfully. When switching it up I have found it important to do it at a break in the service. There is nothing more annoying than watching someone switch an instrument, unless he or she is very funny or you have lighting changes.

Set List: I am still in love with Joe Day’s “Death to Life” worship tune. Musically, it is just a blast to play it. But, lyrically it is crafted well and theologically deeper than most modern worship songs.

My one weaker song this week was a new one for us called “Spirit Fall” by Chris Tomlin. It is great when voiced for  a stadium, but in a smaller church I am not sure it works as well. The lyric is meaningful and message good, however. So, it fit well in the set. However, musically it does not work as well. (For the worship buffs: Also, it sounded as if Hillsong United had Tomlin fill in as a lead singer.)

Here are the songs with the artist/worship leader who sang them:

  • For Your Glory – Matt Maher
  • Today is The Day – Lincoln Brewster
  • All We Need – Charlie Hall
  • Death to Life – Joe Day
  • Spirit Fall – Chris Tomlin (Passion)
How was your worship weekend?
Rich Kirkpatrick

Rich Kirkpatrick

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